VYVE App Tracks Your Carbon Footprint

Photo by Julius Drost on Unsplash

We have apps that track how many steps we take a day. Apps that track our health metrics, where we lost our keys or wallets, and even track what our children are doing on their phones.

But what about an app that can track your personal carbon footprint in real-time? And what if that app was funded by an oil company? Say hello to VYVE.

VYVE tracks your carbon footprint whether you travel by car, bus, or train. It records how much carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions are being produced during your travels and encourages you to reduce those emissions by offsetting them to projects around the world.

You can choose which projects to participate in to help reduce CO2 emissions for others locally and internationally. The company is still working out its new features, but thousands of people in the US and UK are currently using the app.

The crazy part is VYVE is being funded by an oil company. That company is a subsidiary of BP called Launchpad, a venture capital group that funds low carbon startups. Why is an oil company funding a company working to reduce CO2 emissions?

In the past, BP wasn’t exactly pushing to clean the environment. Research showed since the late 1980s, 100 companies, BP included, are responsible for 70% of global emissions. BP is near the top of that list of one of the highest CO2 emitting companies.

They’re responsible for more than 34 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions since 1965. BP is aware and acknowledges its heavy polluting past recently been making major changes. New CEO Bernard Looney said in an interview with the Sunday Times his work is “socially challenging.” He’s aware that peoples’ views on oil companies are negative and the company has had negative effects on the environment.

In February, BP announced its ambition to becomes a net-zero company by 2050. By 2030, the company says it will produce 40% less oil and gas than it did back in 2019.

Other goals include installing 70,000 electric vehicle stations and increase its spending on low-carbon energy to $5 billion. Based on their ambitions, its no surprise BP is funding projects like VYVE.

VYVE’s founder Capper thinks the problem caused by climate change means the government, businesses, the people need to start taking action now. He told Grist, “people don’t have a clue,” meaning the majority of the population don’t know what their carbon footprint is nor how to reduce it. This is a great opportunity to educate the people about their carbon footprint and how to reduce it as much as possible.

People can use VYVE along with other activities like bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, get rid of plastic bags and bottles, and spending our money with companies that care about the environment. We can make a difference by making the necessary changes in our personal lives to make a healthier planet.

Know thyself to better thyself. We need nature and nature doesn’t need us. Better health, self, and living

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